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We are a longstanding member of the German Society of Travel Law - DGfR - which takes care of all the legal needs of the industry and offers comprehensive legal studies for industry lawyers , judges and university professors . The society is also co-editor of " Travel Law"



The international network of the tourism law (International Travel Law Network) (“ITLN”) is fast growing association of lawyers worldwide specialized in tourism law, law of air traffic and  maritime law.

The International Travel Law Network ( " ITLN " ) is a rapidly growing network of lawyers around the globe who specializes in travel law , aviation law and maritime law.. Our clients benefit from our close contacts exchange in travel law issues and the possibility  to have access to the genuine exclusive specialists network in travel law in most countries and with guaranteed quality


Our employees and partners are members of many branch associations supporting tourism law and law of air traffic. Moreover lawyer Silke Engels-Siebert and lawyer Jan Bartoll are members and approved lawyer of Reise-Recht-Wiki.de , of the organisation European Air Law Association (EALA) and International Travel and Tourism Advocates (IFTTA).


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