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Our international partners

Internationally, we work for our clients only with recognized and selected specialists, as we have many years of experience in the travel law, aviation law and maritime law. With these partners, we can offer the same reliable counseling service that will be provided in Germany .

Travlaw LLP , Leeds UK

Stephen Mason & Rivka Hawley and her team have over 20 years of professional consulting the British travel industry. The firm advises exclusively industry partner and has excellent know-how and most importantly - just Travlaw also speaks the language of tourism industry. Travlaw advises its clients with comprehensive effective solutions and is also successful in the legal representation and litigation.

Mase Lara Eversole , Miami USA

The firm operates exclusively for the industry in travel law , maritime law and aviation law issues and has an outstanding track record, success in legal dispute - even in very prominent proceedings. Richard D. Lara and his team develop highly professional but personalized solutions , as the industry partner may expect exactly this from a professional in Aviation & Maritime Law .

Felsberg Advogados

As a representative for the prestigious law firm Felsberg Advogados , we provide legal service for all clients in the German Desk, being available as a german contact . Felsberg is one of the largest law firms in Brazil with over 100 lawyers and has offices in Sao Paulo , Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia , as well as in New York, Washington DC and Shanghai. They will provide professional legal service for our german clients in Brasil , but all over the world.




Partner National

Jan Bartholl BLS, Berlin

Reuter Rechtsanwälte, Frankfurt a.M.

Lampe Rechtsanwälte, Mülheim