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The General Essence Of The Contract

Touristical partner contracts are often sealed with a handshake , but specified contractual terms require combined touristical and legal know -how already in the design, drafting and negotiation of such contracts. ES Lawyers will provide you with patterns for all common types of contract that we like to customize it for your specific needs and finalize contract negotiations, if necessary together with you and your partners or service providers.

Conversely, we offer you a fast and pragmatic licensing service for those trade agreements that will show up from your partner for signature : Send us such a contract for approval , we will quickly provide this contract with sensible commercial advice notices and , where appropriate, having regard to any risks for signing in  return to your business.

Typical sample contracts :

Business to business agreements , commission agreements , marketing support agreements
Agency agreements , including trademark protection conditions for travel agents / online portals
Supplier contracts including force majeure clauses
group travel contracts
Flight chains and quota agreements - ACMI charter
Hotel purchasing contracts
Preferred Partners contracts
Multi- channel marketing agreements, including image and data rights coverage
Ship ( in part ) charter
Plane ( in part ) charter
Dynamic Packaging

Other business requirements

Liability insurance
Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations - Media contracts
Customer clubs and loyalty programs
Non-Disclosure Agreements

IT Contracts

Software Licenses
Website Development and Support Level agreements
Data handling and fulfillment
Software and system supply , development , support and maintenance