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Health and Safety

In today's consideration of complaints and lawsuits concerning all areas of travel business, the provision of security and well-being of the customer is an absolute must and priority for each tour operator. For liability issues in the hierarchy of de facto responsibility for travel services and the question of acting as contractual agent are often a deciding factor. We have developed test methods that will help you to understand your legal liability , how this has changed taking into account the latest development after volcanic eruption , Fukushima and the North African revolution, considering actual jurisdiction. In  close cooperation with you, we want to develop and implement appropriate liability clauses to be placed legally optimal for future moments of the next crisis .

Our tests include :
• provisions,clauses and commitments in supplier contracts
• systems for assessing, evaluating and monitoring the safety standards of the suppliers
• Identification and set up of applicable standards in case of crisis at home and at destination
• Risk management checklist underpreparation for a future crisis situation.