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Special services for hotels

Besides the described comprehensive standard consulting services, we also render support to hotels for all types of contracts with their branch partners, but also  for contracts with your office service providers. Many B2B contracts are very business model-specific and require a high level of branch know-how to match the specific clauses and provisions for the hotel industry. Lease or management contracts , marketing - or franchise cooperation agreements up to all supplier contracts in the supply chain are also on offer , such as contracts with service providers for special services , such as Wi-Fi hotspot or pay TV . Sales networking on booking portals with necessary XHTML interfaces will be designed with legal assurance as well as the redesign of a customer bonus program or the competitive safe design of marketing communication. We can also supply legal support to the IT technical side , such as connection to GDS systems , integration of CRM systems, database interfaces and GIATA licenses or support for their in-house POS system (Fidelio i.e.).

If requested , we support your after- sales / complaints handling to finsishing of the entire case handling and answering of all customer communication on your letterhead . We may take over your full after sales service with less redundancy cost.