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General Conditions Of Travels / General Conditions Of Intermediary

Your retail provisions and booking conditions and your intermediary services are the key tool of your activity. We know the diversity of the tourism industry and its business. We are aware of the general trade and selling structures in a standard multi channel using environment, therefore we can offer you tailormade structure and consultation concerning  your terms & conditions of your concrete business model with all specifications, for example:



  • · Tour operators
  • · Intermediaries  - Travel agents
  • · Standard and dynamic  packaging partner and full service supplier offline and online
  • · Airlines with and without registered branches in Germany
  • · Consolidators
  • · modular oreintated tour operators
  • · Non Iata  travel agents with purchase of tickets through consolidator


We offer you two levels of services for your terms & conditions :

  Basic service

We review and change your terms &conditions in order to comply with all national law and provisions in force :

• European Package Travel Directive 1992

• Insolvency insurance of travel fare

• International treaties and EU-Treaties as well as EU directives, including  liability restrictions for air carriers and contractual carriers, Passengers rights in case of cancellation of transport and identification of air carriers, as well as the third national act of maritime law change

•  EU Anti Discrimination Act regarding mobility restricted persons  and EU Consumer Rights Directive


Superior Service

Includes alll provisions above and additionally:

current discussion regarding your requirements for individual clauses tailored to your business model. We review in close cooperation the relevance and the risk of specific clauses in terms of:
Advice about potentially unfair terms and the possibilities to adapt them to current law (i.e. schedule changes);
Advice about potentially unfair and deceptive practices that may be critized from the competition or by consumer associations in order to provide business legal provisions and in the light of competition law harmless clauses.

The service also includes a checkup of your privacy policy and your in-house collection of data in order to secure compliance with the updated EU data protection rules and cookie standards.

Contact us for more information and for the creation of tailored terms & conditions.